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# A faithful friend is hard to find;remember man and keep in mind…
# Just say no to marriage !!!
# A smile doesn’t cost anything …
# A bad workman always blames his tools!
# I hate life and life hates me !
# I welcome death.
# Breathless kisses , burning touches,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion!
# Don’t be sad ,don’t be blue…Frankenstein was ugly too.
# Always imitate the behavior of the winners when you los!
# I see angles in the sky , I’ve seen snow falling in July.
# A friend in need i t’s a frienf indeed!
# Out of my mind;back in five minutes!
# Theme words are my own:From my heart : I love you,I love you,and I love you !
# We’ve walked on this earth many times together;perhaps for a moment;perhaps for years but our heart is one heart and we were meant to be.
# We’ve been together before,in other lifetimes,we’ve fought dragons,and have been torn from each others arms yet our love prevailed…
# Breathless kisses ,burning touches ,soft-spoken words of love urgently spoken words of passion…
# A man and a woman,one complete love since time began predestined to be as one!
# Be optimistic, all the people you hate are going to eventually die smile.
# Love is like google, you have to go trough a lot of spam before you find what you’re looking for.
# Same shit….diferent day!!!!It’s all about you …
# I can’t be with you So all I will do is sleep.Please don’t wake me up from this dream for it’s all of you that I can keep..
# As I lay in my bed looking at the sky I thought ‘Were the heck did my ceiling go?!?
# This is a sad and funny away message. The sad thing is you’re:)
# IMing me expecting me to read your message and return. The funny thing:P
# Is that I’m at my computer desk laughing the whole thing up right now.

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